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What are Bank Branch Names?

Bank Branch Names are provided directly to Accuity by the institution. If an institution lists a specific name for a branch, the Branch Name is included on the General Information page of the institution. It is also prominently displayed on the Other Locations page under In-City Locations. The Bank Branch Name may be numeric in nature.

What is TARGET?

TARGET stands for the Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System. TARGET is an EU-wide system that was designed for Euro payments. TARGET is available for all credit transfers in Euro between EU countries, including those countries which have not adopted the Euro as their currency. There is no upper or lower value limit for TARGET payments. It is possible to make credit transfers to almost all EU credit institutions via TARGET without any limitation on value. With special emphasis on large-value payments related to money market and foreign exchange operations TARGET contributes to reducing systemic risk.

To see an example of the TARGET information, log-in and search for Barclays Bank PLC, London.

  • On the Payments tab you will notice several BIC codes and a link to expand your search
  • Click on the link and a new window opens with multiple pages of locations in the UK that have a SWIFT/BIC number
  • Sort this information by City name or by SWIFT\BIC code
  • Filter this information to show ONLY Connected SWIFT/BICs by clicking the box marked Connected Only
  • Filter and show only the Clearing system chosen in the drop down menu provided at the top of the page (default is ALL RTG Attributes)
  • The SWIFT/BIC codes are hyperlinks to open a search for that institution. The Search Results will be in your original window.
  • Click on the "?" near the column header for a list of definitions of the abbreviated terms for the TARGET AFFILIATED CLEARINGHOUSES (RTGS).

What is an Inactive Routing Code?

The payment data for Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource changes daily. Some codes in the Accuity database become inactive for payments and are removed from the payment files. However, these codes remain in the Accuity database for research purposes. Version 6.5 provides the financial institution under which the payment code became inactive for certain SWIFT/BICs since September 2002. To continue researching the inactive code, and look for current active codes for the institution, simply copy and paste the name of the institution into the Name/Location Search with any other applicable data such as City and/or Country.

WHAT ARE RTGS — Real-Time Gross Settlement Systems

In addition to TARGET information, this solution now contains important information regarding EBA (Euro Banking Association) affiliations. On the Payments Tab this tool clearly designates which SWIFT codes may be used to make EURO1, STEP1 and/or STEP2 (PE-ACH) transactions. Also, effective January 28, Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource contains information on SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) capability. Additional RTGS details wiill be included, such as SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) as soon as they are available.
See table for more details.

What is CHIPS?

CHIPS stands for the Clearing House Inter-Bank Payments System. It is an automated clearing system used primarily for international payments. This system is owned and operated by the New York Clearinghouse banks and engages Fedwire for settlement.

To view an example of the CHIPS information, log-in and search for Bank of China, Beijing.

  • Click on the Payments tab and note the CHIPS information
  • Mouse-over the four digit codes to view the names of the CHIPS Correspondents for this CHIPS UID
  • The CHIPS Correspondents are links to the Correspondent Bank head office.

I clicked on the CHIPS (or SWIFT) link, why do I not get detailed information on the institution?

Payment codes may be assigned at multiple locations; therefore, this solution's Payments Search is opened when you click on the code. The Search Results will be in your original Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource window. If you don't see it, minimize the current search window on your computer screen.

What are the different RTGS Attributes within the TARGET system?

Click on the "?" by the TARGET AFFILIATED CLEARINGHOUSE (RTGS) or click here to get an up-to-date listing of all of the Clearinghouses affiliated with TARGET.
Note: Full membership in RTGS is denoted with bold type.

Why is the Primary SWIFT/BIC no longer on the General Information Page?

The summaries that had been provided on the General Information page did not include complete information. Please click on the link provided to view the payments detail located on the Payments tab.

Why are the icons used to indicate the type of institution missing on some of the listings?

A number of institutions are being added as a result of their payment code, and are awaiting classification by our editors. Based on subscriber feedback, we will further refine the "Other" code. Currently, "Other" type institutions include financial services companies, corporations, vendors, insurance agencies, brokerage firms, etc.

I forgot my User ID and Password.

Click here to retrieve your User ID and Password.

I am having problems with my log-in. What should I do?

If you forget your User ID and/or Password, please contact Accuity Client Services at (800) 321-3373 (U.S. only), +1(847) 676-9600 or e-mail support@accuity.com.

When you log-in, please make sure that you only click on the log-in button ONCE.

If another individual has obtained your User ID and Password, please change your Password. Log-in, click on My Account/Preferences Info from the main screen and follow the directions for Change Password.

How do I search multiple area codes or multiple zip codes?

In direct response to customer requests, we now have the ability to provide search results in a single list for multiple area codes, or multiple postal (zip) codes. Simply enter up to 10 codes in the search box using ";" before each new code entered and then press search. The search will provide a list of all the institutions meeting the criteria entered.

I have received a "timed out" message. What does this mean?

Your User ID has been inactive for 60 minutes and has been automatically disconnected. To return to the database, please log-in again.

How do I search on a particular routing code?

We at Accuity, have been working diligently with Central Banks and financial institutions worldwide, to identify each country's set of codes and include this valuable data in Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource. With the Global Payment Module, you can enter the first few characters of any sort code and the solution will locate all financial institutions fitting that criteria. Choose your Country from the Drop Down Menu, or Choose Any Payment Code (last option). For further details, view our User Guide or the Payments Help Section.

Why don't you have a specific country listed?

If we were not able to get a comprehensive listing of all financial institutions from a Central Banking Authority, we will not claim to have coverage for that country, however, most financial institutions provide the information to us through our editorial staff, so the payment information will be located within the institution. You may check for country codes not listed by using the Any Payment Code Option, the last option in the drop down menu.

On the Name/Location Search screen, you can use 'wildcard' characters as placeholders, such as a question mark (?), for the unknown part of the routing code.
For example: you could enter 12223??82, then click on Search. You would retrieve: 122239902, 122234482, 122238682, etc.

I can't find a particular routing code and I know it is an active number.

Please check to make sure you have indicated the appropriate country routing code from the pull down menu (United States - ABA Routing Number, United Kingdom - Sort Code, etc.).

I have received e-mail messages from Accuity regarding updates I have submitted. Why?

If you have entered information on the Update Financial Institution Listing form, replies are sent via e-mail to the address on record for that User ID. Please update your profile with your correct e-mail address in the My Account/Preferences info section of Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource.

If you have not sent an Update Financial Institution Listing request, please change your Password. Another individual may be using your log-in User ID and Password and submitting institution update information without your knowledge.

I found some incorrect information in one of your institution listings. How do I make changes?

Although this is very rare, you may catch an imperfection. Please click the Report Changes On This Financial Institution link at the bottom of the page and input what you believe is the correct information. Accuity's data group will verify the information and respond appropriately by either updating the information or sending you a reply via e-mail explaining the reason for the discrepancy.

I need information on an institution but don't know the spelling. What are my options?

Remember, in the search option, less is more! By inputting as much of the bank name as you can spell correctly, the solution will find all the institutions that begin with what you have inputted. To narrow your search, you may wish to specify a country, state, office type or institution type. The search results will appear on the left side of the screen for you to select the specific institution.

Only partial institution names appear on the left side of the screen. Can I view the full name?

Most browsers will allow you to re-size the windows by pointing your mouse on the line and dragging to the width you desire.

How do I use the Advanced Search option?

If you have specific keywords that you would like to use to search for an institution, input one or more in the Institution Keywords field and click search.

Note: This method of searching may be slower than any of the other search options.

I cannot access the payment information that I need. Why?

Your Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource subscription may not include this information. Please check your Account Information. If you have not purchased the Payments Module, please contact Accuity Client Services at (800) 321-3373 (U.S. only), +1(847) 676-9600 or support@accuity.com to upgrade your current license.

How do I find an institution in a particular location?

This solution provides two search options - Institution Search and Geographic Search, both will provide specific location information for your selected institution.

I received an error message indicating there are no institutions matching the search criteria provided and requesting that I refine my search and try again. Why?

This could indicate a problem with your input criteria. Remember, less is more. If you think you may be misspelling something, eliminate that category from your search criteria. You can always choose from the list provided on the left.

How do I find a specific officer within an institution?

Click on the Search button. From the choices on the top of the screen, click on Officer Name and input your desired criteria, last name and/or first name. You can narrow your search by entering additional geographical parameters.

How can I quickly link from a selected institution to its head office or branch?

You can jump from an institution listing to its branches, correspondents or owner either by clicking on hypertext words in the display window or by using the icons at the top of the window. By clicking on branch, head office or holding company hyperlinks, you will automatically link to the institutions general information.

Can I set up Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource to automatically show the Institution Search screen when I start my session?

Click on Institution Search. Click in the Show This Screen on Start box located at the bottom of the screen or visit the My Account/Preferences section of this tool to choose your preferred start screen and many other functions to tailor your solution to fit your needs!

How do I report a problem?

You can report a problem you find with Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource directly to our technical support staff by e-mail, fax or phone. E-mail: support@accuity.com; Fax: +1(847)933-8101; or Phone: +1(847)676-9600, ext. 8132, (800)321-3373 (U.S. Only).

How can I bookmark favorite places?

If you need to continually access the same institutions or the same searches, you can bookmark these "favorites"! Just click on the icon (the finger with the string on it) and this screen will be saved in My Favorites for you to easily access each time you log-in. You can add a note or edit a note you have added to any item in a Saved Folder in your Personal Directory by clicking on the pencil icon. Remember to click on Update Saved Item to save it.

What do Credit Ratings mean?

Click here to view.

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