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Global Banking Resource

About TGBR


Comprehensive and Current Information

Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource is the most comprehensive interactive tool available designed specifically to meet the information needs of the financial services community. Accuity employs hundreds of people to research, compile and maintain the world's largest and most up-to-date database of financial institutions — in fact, all information in this solution is updated on a daily basis. We regularly contact each institution in our database, actively track industry changes and rigorously verify our information for accuracy.

Modular Design

Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource is designed in a modular format, allowing you to purchase the specific type of information you require to meet your individual business needs.

The CORE product includes institution name, address, telephone and fax number and general information about an institution including ownership, branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, all correspondents, national routing codes, SWIFT/BIC addresses, five years of financial profile information and institution ratings and rankings.

The CORE product is the "base" from which you start. From there, you have the option to view information on financial institutions throughout the world by selecting the Global version of Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource or you can opt to have a U.S.-only view. Next, you can add specialized information and functionality by licensing the solution's enhanced data modules:

  • The OFFICER module contains the names, titles and functions for the officers of an institution and includes a name search capability.
  • The extensive PAYMENTS module includes information on specific types of U.S. payments including ABA routing numbers, ACH and electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions, wire transfers and check processing. International payments information includes CHIPS, SWIFT/BIC addresses, telex numbers and the national bank identification numbers from over 90 countries throughout the world. This module features a search capability by national clearing code, active or retired, including a wildcard option that allows the user to search by partial clearing code.
  • The comprehensive HISTORY module contains information relative to mergers, acquisitions, closed offices, name changes and other structural changes as well as information on retired routing and transit numbers. A search function is also included with this module.

For specific pricing information, please contact Client Services at 1 800 321 3373 (U.S. only) or +1 847 676 9600 (outside of the U.S.) or e-mail support@accuity.com. Discounts are available for multi-user access within the same institution.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource contains extensive search capabilities to enable instant access to the information you need. You can search for information by:

  • Institution Name - From A to Z, search for all types of financial institutions alphabetically.
  • Geographic Location - Search for a financial institution(s) by country, state or city location.
  • Individual Name - Search for a person's name, when you purchase the OFFICERS module, so you can always find the contact you need regardless of company or location changes.
  • Advanced - Search by a specific keyword, Anglo titles or misspellings.
  • National Clearing Codes - Search by routing/transit/sort/SWIFT/BIC/BLZ codes and addresses, when you purchase the PAYMENTS module. You can also perform searches with the wildcard feature, which allows you to locate an institution using only a partial clearing code.

Additional Features

  • Timely Information - Bankers Almanac Global Banking Resource is updated each day with the latest information for specific institutions and changes that affect the financial services industry.
  • My Favorites - Click on the My Favorites icon to save searches and organizations to a folder(s) for easy retrieval of the information you use frequently.
  • Industry Information - Click on the Industry Info icon to locate valuable information on the financial services industry.

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